IMI-G43P2 - Plus 2 Extension for Glock 43+2

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Plus 2 Extension for Glock 43+2



The IMI Defense Plus 2 extension for Glock allows for a fast reload every time! The extension adds two extra rounds, bringing the G43 capacity to 8+1. The extended grip gives the shooter extra surface area for better control and increased grip. Better ergonomics leads to a higher accuracy potential.

The Grip extension is provided with a spring floor plate for a complete package.

Fits:  Glock 43

Features and Specifications:

  1. Comes with a spring floor plate.
  2. Blend with the pistol’s grip – stock Glock grip design.
  3. Made from High quality reinforced Polymer.
  4. Provide comfort without increasing the size of the pistol and adding weight (extra rounds).
  5. Easy installation without any gunsmith.
  6. adds two additional rounds to your stock Glock.
  7. Comes in colors: Black, Tan, O.D Green.

Made in Israel

Two-year warranty with reasonable usage