Founded in 1998, IMI Defense LTD. develops and manufactures the highest-quality, most ergonomic and innovative tactical weapons accessories, components and parts in the world to meet the rigors of combat performance. A hallmark of the IMI Defense product offering is our revolutionary polymer holster line, which has gained both civilian and SOF user praise across the globe. The holsters combine modularity with structural strength, a perfect fit for each firearm, and user safety.

In addition to an extensive line of polymer holsters, our product lineup includes the industry’s most innovative:

  • Telescoping/retractable AR buttstocks
  • Pistol Grips
  • Vertical and angled Foregrips
  • Polymer and Aluminum Handguards for AR, AK, MP5 etc. (quad, modular, KeyMod)
  • Polymer and Aluminum Flip-up Sights

IMI Defense is also an innovator in the field of accurate training, offering LE and military units the MTR16 Modular Training Rifle system which is a highly realistic inert M16/AR15 mockup that lets users change out all accessories including buttstocks, grips, sights, and more while accepting standard magazines as well. The line also includes training rifles replicating the AK-47/AKM and AK74 weapons platforms.

New to the IMI Defense line up is the Kidon™ pistol-to-carbine platform, a universal platform that works with a wide range of pistols to give the user more mission functionality from his or her handgun.

All IMI Defense products are developed and perfected through rigorous testing with Israel Defense Forces Special Operations units and other branches of the Israeli defense community – and used by elite IDF forces and military and police experts throughout the world.