IMI-Z1060 Level 2 Retention Holster fits SIG SAUER P250 Full Size | P320 | P320 X5

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Polymer Retention Paddle Holster for Sig Sauer P250 Full Size, P320


$45.00  $108.00

Polymer retention roto holster for Sig Sauer P250 Full size, P320 FS, P320 X-Five, M17 (right hand) 9mm/.40/.45 caliber

With or without a safety.

Features and benefits:

• Comfortable contoured fit.
• Retention with zero time to disengage.
• Sits where your trigger finger normally slides at “the ready”.
• Simply depress the lever and remove the firearm.
• Fully adjustable for cant.
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw).
• Connects to all IMI Defense modular platforms:
Paddle | Belt Loop | Belt Clip | Low Ride Belt Loop | Drop Leg Platform
• Made of durable polymer.
• Adjusts with a simple Allen key.
• Designed for military & police personnel. Great for civilians & off duty officers.
• Right handed polymer holster.
• Protective sight channel.

Available in black,  O.D. green and desert tan colors.

Made in Israel.